Larry Ruhstorfer, owner of Thumbs Up Kiteboarding, has been a long time water enthusiast.  Having the pleasure of growing up on a lake, he enjoyed swimming, fishing, boating and waterskiing from a young age.  From this grew a great passion for water and then board related sports.  As new sports evolved, Larry was always an eager participant and quick learner – from hydrosliding and barefoot waterskiing to wakeboarding.  As a full certified snowboard as well as a full certified snow ski instructor, Larry enjoys his winter boardsports as well.  Larry’s passion for windsurfing, prompted him to invest in Caseville in 1999.  “Caseville is unique in that it is the one location on all of the Michigan side of Lake Huron that offers exposure to the dominant prevailing winds with its south-southwest to northeast facing shoreline.”  Shortly after owning a home in Caseville, Larry became intrigued by Kiteboarding.  Hence, he entered the sport and continued his quest for excellence by becoming a certified kiteboarding instructor as well.  He has been fortunate enough to travel to places such as Maui, Aruba, Cozumel, Costa Rica, Margarita, Los Roques, Dominion Republic, Tobago, Tulum, Oregon Coast, the Gorge, Hatteras Island North Carolina, Key West, Sanibel Island, Tybee Island and of course just about every location on the Great Lakes in his pursuit of watersport bliss.  He is excited to share his passion with you!