Kiteboarding is the new and exciting watersport spreading across the world!  From skimming across the water with only the fuel of the wind to lofting jumps off the water, you become the captain of your own destiny.  You will learn just how safe and easy kiteboarding really is – even though you can still let your friends think that you are just tough and macho!  We offer 3 lesson plans to fit your desire:

Sample It! 
This is an action packed 1 hour course that focuses on the basics of wind knowledge and gets you flying a foil kite.  Feel the Power!  $100

Ease Into It! 
In depth training of wind direction,  wind strength, safety, use of a simulator, launching, landing, and body surfing.   After this course you will be hooked on the sport of kiteboarding and how it can change your life.  4 hours - $350 

Go For It! 
This program is for the individual that is up to the challenge and wants to Kiteboard!  Learn how to generate power and pull across the water.  You’ll get on the water with an inflatable full size kite and a board.   Objective is to get you self-sufficient and riding on a board.  8 hours (1-2 days)  $500

Upgrade to from a 1 day camp to 2 day camp for $200

Reservations are recommended.  Call, email, or stop in! We are excited to develop more friends to ride with!